Topshop has teamed up in the past with celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles and Kate Moss to create memorable collections. Now the brand has decided to go the African route, selecting a South African style guru Asanda Sizani to be its inspiration.

Sizani is known for her impeccable sense of style, according to the times of Africa. "So it was no surprise that she was asked by the international fashion chain to help put together a capsule collection reflecting her taste."She told The Times: "Topshop South Africa approached me to curate a range for their brand. The retailer is known for their international collaborations with various style influencers under their banner."

"My role for this project was essentially that of a curator, a guest editor and a style adviser. My task was to put together an edit of hero items that reflects my own fashion choices and highlighting specific essentials to customers.

"The aim was to bring a diverse range of Topshop pieces together for people to mix and match. It's possible to wear head-to-toe retail items but still look like an individual."

African styles are gaining attention with international brands, who are now aligning themselves with the continent's fashion influencers, creating a further boost for Africa's fashion economy.

"When international retailers see value in aligning with locals, it's a good thing," said Sizani.

"We represent the local market and customers can relate to us. We're able to speak to the customer in an accessible way. Customers can enter a store, and see an African name, a local face they recognise."

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