A sample of the produce of Brazil, including beer, juice, spirits, sweets and jam was on offer SAITEX to cement its relationship with the host nation South Africa.

The country’s trade delegation said it was using the event to showcase its eco-friendly products, including its first organic beer.

Trade promoter Heloisa Fontes (pictured) said: “We see South Africa as a growing market which is very important to us and this is a great opportunity to strengthen trade links.

“Brazil always raises attention and we think we have been extremely well received here and people are extremely interested in the organic approach to agricultural produce we emphasise.

“This is part of a national drive to highlight eco-friendly agriculture.The event itself is the perfect way to put across a wide variety of food and drink which we can offer the regional market.”

Brazil is currently looking to developing “agro-forestry” which is a land-use system that combines agricultural and forestry practices to create a more sustainable system of food production.

The planting of trees in areas threatened with deforestation may aid farmers since tree roots can bind soil and limit soil erosion, deep-rooted trees can tap new nutrient sources and can fix atmospheric nitrogen levels as well as improve soil fertility.

Also leaf litter can add organic matter, and tree cover can moderate temperatures and trees may provide food, fodder, firewood, and timber.

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