After 20 years in the banking sector working as a lawyer, Wendy Zulu travelled to Italy where she apprenticed as a shoemaker and then came back to South Africa with her own entrepreneurial dream. In 2015 she launched her company Johannesburg's Soweto.

“I grew up surrounded by uncles and aunts who had an appreciation for good Italian leather shoes and bags," says Wendy, Managing Director. "This appreciation rubbed off and fuelled the passion to craft good quality leather products."

Her company specialises in crafting leather products including belts, wallets, purses and ladies handbags which it will showcasing at SAITEX 2017.
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Wendy said: “Our main focus will be to enhance visibility of the company, establish qualified leads, network, meet new customers and suppliers, generate revenue and provide customers and suppliers with an opportunity to view and assess the quality of our products.

“SAITEX provides a platform for us to market the business. I like the exposure to the rest of the continent and the fact that you have retailers, manufactures from different industries."

The company is 100% black female owned company.

Meet the Wendy M team at Gallagher Convention Centre between June 25 to 27.

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