Keneetswe Mosenogi




Early Years

Kenetswe Norah Mosenogi was born on the 24th of September 1982 in

Ikageng Location in Tlokwe formerly Potchefstroom. She completed her

primary schooling at Tshepo Primary School and Basupi Lower Primary

School. Ms. Kenetswe Mosenogi also attended Redibone Middle School

in Mahikeng. She proceeded to complete her Grade 12 at Potchefstroom

Secondary School in 2000. In 2003, she enrolled for a certificate in

Software with Boston Business College.

In 2008, she registered with North West University Business School

where she obtained a certificate in Advance Management Program NQF

level 7. Ms. Mosenogi went further to obtained Master degree in

Business administration with North West University Business School

(Potchefstroom) in 2012. In 2013, she registered with Witwatersrand

University, where she obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring

and Evaluation


Ms. Kenetswe Norah Mosenogi cut her political teeth in the Progressive

Youth Alliance (PYA) led by the ANC Youth League. In 1998, she joined

the ANCYL and her participation in the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA)

and Mass Democratic Movement (MDM) structures started during that

time. In 2000-2001, she led the ANCYL branch in Tlokwe as branch

Chairperson and went on to lead the sub-region as sub-regional

secretary in 2003-2004. In 2001-2002, she served as in the interim

structures of the ANCYL in the province, in the then Southern region,

now Dr. Kenneth Kaunda region, as a member of the Sub-regional Task

Team (SRTT) after a decision was taken by the National Conference to

realign structures of the ANCYL in line with that of the ANC and

municipalities. She also served as the ANCYL Regional Task Team.

In the 1999 National and Provincial Elections, Ms. Mosenogi participated

in the ANC elections programme as Party Agents, a central position that

ensures that the ANC integrity is maintained and there is no

manipulation of electoral outcomes.

In the National Conference of the ANCYL in 2008 in Mangaung,

Bloemfontein, Ms. Kenetswe Mosenogi was elected onto the National

Executive Committee of the ANCYL and became the National Working

Committee (NWC) of ANCYL. In 2011, she was elected onto the ANC

Youth League as its National Deputy Secretary-General. The ANC

endowed her with political responsibilities when she was elected onto

the North West ANC PEC as an additional member in 2011, the

responsibilities she carried out with a deep sense of hard work,

enthusiasm and humility. In 2015 ANC Provincial Conference, she was

re-elected onto the ANC PEC and a gesture which showed a level of

trust in her capabilities to lead from the front.

Institutions of Higher Learning

In 2004, Ms Mosenogi was appointed contract worker by University of

South Africa (UNISA) formerly Technikon South Africa as an Assistant

Student Administrator, the work she performed with her utmost

diligence and enduring hard work

South African Government

After the 2006 Local government elections, Ms. Mosenogi served as a

councillor and Member of the Mayoral Committee responsible for

Economic Development and Tourism. Given her immense knowledge in

youth matters, she was appointed Member of the Mayoral Committee on

Transversal issues advising the Executive Mayor and Council on a myriad

of issues on youth matters

Ms. Kenetswe Mosenogi shortly after the 2014 National and Provincial

Elections was appointed as a Parliamentary Liaison Officer (PLO) in the

Ministry of Sport and Recreation. In 2015, she was made Director

Scientific Support Services in the Department of Sport and Recreation

Responsibilities in Boards and/or State Owned Entities

Ms. Kenetswe Norah Mosenogi served as a Board Member of the

Highveld National Park Steering Committee in 2006. She also served as

N12 Treasure Route Association in the very same year (2006).

In 2007, she served as Board Member of the North West Provincial

Heritage Resource Authority. Almost the same year- 2017-2010- she

also served in the Joint Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site

Development Forum on Municipal Committees

In 2012 to 2013, Ms Mosenogi served as a Member of the Board of the

Invest North West and she acquitted herself in her fiduciary duties as a

Board member. In 2013, she appointed Deputy Chairperson of the Board

of North West Development Corporation. She also served as member of

the National Heritage Council.

Voluntary participation and Membership

Ms. Kenetswe Norah Mosenogi dedicated her life to struggle of our

people by participating in various community projects and civil society


Her membership of these organisation range from social and political life

she dedicated her life to such as being members of the South African

Monitoring and Evaluation Association, member of the African Evangelist

United Church, volunteer at Tshepong Aids Project responsible for

administration and volunteer at Love Life in Ikageng responsible for peer

education and outreach.