Honourable Rajeshkumar Indukant Modi


Joined ZANUPF 2003 as a card carrying member. Remained active and participating in all party programs i.e. sponsoring Congress, Conference, Independence, Heroes, Youth as well as the paying Council Bills towards Davies Hall Council debts.

2014 to 2017 was elected member of the City Centre District Executive as the Secretary for Production and Labour position which he is holding to this date.

He have remained a loyal member of the Party, and heavily participated on funding programmes arched the new dispensation, have always been Awarded the three prizes in 2011 Megafest Business Awards, Business Businessman of the Year, Great Business Minds and First Position for a strong supporter of His Excellence the President E.D. Mnangagwa.

July 2018 was elected the Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South Constituency Parliamentary Harmonised Elections.

Appointed Deputy Minister for Ministry of Industry and Commerce on 10 September 2018.


Rajeshkumar Modi started Bellevue Superette on 1 June 1987, a small over the counter shop manned by two staff members. The shop was run by Mrs Modi, while Rajeshkuma I. Modi carried on in employment under Wholesale Centre, a business that was run by Mr Naran.  It is while employed by Mr Naran for a period of five years 1983 to 1987 that Hon. Rajeshkumar I. Modi gained insight on how to run a supermarket.  Mr Naran was not only a business mentor to Raj, but he was like a father to him.  In June 1987, Raj Modi decided to be a full time supermarket operator and it is then that his dream began to take shape in more concrete way.  This culminated in the completion of the present day Bellevue Spar in 1999 and it has given to twelve other supermarkets.

In Australia, there are three supermarkets that are effectively run by his son.  Opened a Wholesale Centre in February 2015 which is showing lucrative results and have given birth to other 5 supermarkets under the brand Sai Mart.  During 2006 – 2008 hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe went from 5% to 500 million % however Raj Modi continued to operate despite the harsh economic climate.